Exhibition Beltimentas by Compagniab in Sardegna at Studio Galerie B&B, Paris, France from 1 - 3 March 2019.

Beltimentas | Photographs by Lucio Aru & Franco Erre and Theatrical Performance

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© Lucio Aru & Franco Erre
© Lucio Aru & Franco Erre
1 March – 3 March 2019
Friday 1 March at 6pm
The Stuff of Dreams de Gianfranco Cabbidu
Saturday 2 March at 6pm
HOURS : Friday 3 – 9pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am – 8pm

Beltimentas | Photographs by Lucio Aru & Franco Erre and Theatrical Performance The Dress of Memories

During Fashion Week 2019, Paris will be the first stage of the photographic project Beltimentas, which offers a new point of view on Sardinian identity heritage linked to clothing and traditional costume.  After the French capital the initiative lands in Moscow and in Doha.

The Project

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most important and awaited events in the world. This year, during the great event, scheduled from 25 February to 5 March, the French capital will be a showcase of excellence for a piece of Sardinia. The Studio Galerie B&B, specialized in photographic exhibitions, from 1 to 3 March, will host Beltimentas (in Sardinian “clothes”), a creative format that proposes a new outlook towards Sardinian identity heritage linked to clothing and custom.

The initiative is conceived and organized by Compagnia B of Cagliari (Sardinia – Italy), with the curatorship of Micaela Deiana, and realized thanks to the economic contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Regional Operational Program – POR – European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020).

Studio Galerie B&B will be home to a photographic exhibition and a short theatrical performance that will proposes a contemporary use of tradition in a perspective that intertwines art, craftsmanship, design and ethno-anthropologic tradition. It employs the experimental languages of art, theatre and photography to valorize the ethno-anthropologic characters that animate Sardinian cultural production.

After Paris, Beltimentas will be exhibited in the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow (from 30 March to 1 April) and in Doha, Qatar, on 4 and 5 April, with the aim of giving particular visibility to Made in Sardinia products on the occasion of events that recall a public particularly sensitive to the interconnections between culture, fashion and design.

The Exhibition

The photographic exhibition bears the signature of two international photographers, Lucio Aru & Franco Erre, who, after working experiences in Bologna and Milan, moved to Berlin in 2013, where they still live and produce, moving from portraiture to fashion, mixing their respective backgrounds.

The photographic images are accompanied by a theatrical performance, The Dress of Memories, directed by Alice Capitanio in which the costumes, social roles, daily and family life emerge through the roles of traditional dress. At the end of the performance, the audience will be able to interact with the costumes, touch them, smell them and wear them in order to create an emotional and sensory involvement of the spectator.

“In Sardinian culture, traditional dress acquired the value of standing enclosing the signs of history and the daily life of every individual in its weaving. Every piece of clothing was like a snapshot of the life of its wearer. Some signs, occasionally mysterious, can be relived in modern-day communication in the world of fashion, where wearing traditional dress has become a means of talking about oneself through true and real differentiated cultural symbols.

Still today there is a long thread that unites every part of our body. A woven thread that welcomes and covers. It holds the body of the new-born baby, its growth into adulthood and it accompanies him to his death. To be dressed, dressed up means being in contact with other people, dressing up is status and even more, it is an expression of non-verbal communication, an expression of the human need for empathy, to be looked at, listened to, understood, even by a total stranger we might meet out and about.

A woven thread united the communities around ancient Sardinia and it is the same thread that unites people today, wrapped in their need to feel less lonely.” (Alice Capitanio – Artistic Director of Beltimentas project)

Sardinia and the ancient traditional clothes

Sardinia is a land rich in history and traditions. In addition to its natural beauties, which make it famous all over the world, it has many folkloric aspects with roots far back in the centuries. One of the most typical elements is certainly the variety of local dress, different from country to country. Sardinian costumes, whose colors and designs have been handed down almost unaltered for at least 500 years, are particularly elaborate and colorful: rich and bright colors for women, more severe for men. The ancient tradition of dress and traditional clothes in Sardinia continues to fascinate both for the historical relief of the creations, both for the originality and variety of the ways of dressing.

The dresses of the island are very different from each other, practically each of the 370 municipalities of the island preserves historical memory and defends them with pride, because the ancient way of dressing hides the identity of each country, is the living testimony of its culture and the way to understand fun, work, pain. The dress, in the past, emphasized the different moments of the cycle of life: simple in everyday life, gorgeous in the days of the party, sober and composed in moments of mourning. Today almost no one wears the ancient customs anymore in everyday life, only some elderly people in the most central towns of Sardinia.

Artistic direction, ideation and production

Compagnia B was created in 2004 by Alice Capitanio and Luca Sorrentino. It is a workgroup that is open to the most diverse art forms and works in a perspective of absolute contamination between codes of expression. It organises workshops, sensory performances, shows and cultural events with an experimental element, in which the arts encounter social innovation.


Micaela Deiana is a project manager in the field of contemporary arts. She works as a curator of events and art exhibitions, developing projects for public and private bodies. She’s a social media strategist for cultural initiatives. She collaborates with sector magazines (Flash art, Giornale dell’arte) and writes for the Culture & Entertainment page of the Unione Sarda journal.

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