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19 November – 24 November 2019
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
OPENING Friday 22 November at 7 pm

Alice Chevalier, Paul, Fabienne Colombani et Arnaud Simonin


Alice Chevalier, Interior Designer and Training Designer, lives and works in Paris. Dedicated to exhibitions, collaborations and press publications, she currently devotes herself to her job as an illustrator.

Her works speak about the unspeakable, making us travel by breaking down concrete barriers. From her previous work, Alice has kept only one constant: she sublimates the world around us with a personal touch, resulting in work full of lyricism, real odes to life.

For this group exhibition, Alice will present a series about her passion for Mexico and the iconic cultural festival; El dia de los muertos.


Paul’s work is inspired by his two passions: Science and artistic creation that he has cultivated and developped from an early age. With this series, he explores a major concept in his work: Emergence.

His heroes, well-known icons that convey power, strength and hope, are represented by with a minimum of colors and a minimum of the unit of modern image that is the pixel.

Behind a recognizable identity, made of a palette of bright colors and marked flat areas, he used several techniques to achieve this series: stencils, aerosols, collages and stamps. Accustomed to large formats, Paul also wanted to work on smaller formats.


Born in Paris, Fabienne has been creating and drawing since she was young and has naturally oriented her passion towards the applied arts. The Estienne and Duperré schools led her to textile design and fashion.

Today, based in Montreuil, she is evolving towards a playful and poetic universe, inspired by the magic of childhood.

Organic and vegetable materials from kitchen waste inspire Fabienne to create animated illustrations. Using peels of the Alliaceae family – garlic, onion, shallot – grafted dead leaves, pods of beans… she composes miniatures and other curiosities in the form of trophies of vegetable hunting.

Diverted and transformed under the delicacy of line and composition, fragile materials escape their fate of compost to magically nest as imaginary birds, masks and totems …


Arnaud Simonin has been living in eastern Paris for 20 years. This artist teaches drawing and painting in associative structures as well as private workshops for adults, adolescents and children.

His job as a graphic designer, as well as his new teaching activity, influenced his personal plastic practices (painting landscapes, drawings, collages, engravings, stencils, photography) and confirmed his taste for visual experiments and mixed media techniques.

  • Solo exhibition – Galerie Champs Secrets (2014)
  • Group show – Bataclan Project – une affiche originale de 1964 distribuée à 100 artistes (2016)
  • Group show – Galerie Champs Secrets (2018)

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