Girl Gang | Group Photo Exhibition during Photo Month OFF

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Girl Gang Photography Exhibition during Mois de la Photo OFF 2019
16 – 30 April 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Thursday 18 April at 7pm
OPENING HOURS : every day from 12 to 8pm

Girl Gang | Group Photo Exhibition during Photo Month OFF

Girl Gang is composed of eight female identifying storytellers from all over the globe who decided to come together at a pivotal time in history, not just in the world but also in photography. According to statistics collected by Women Photograph, an organization whose aim is to elevate the voices of female and gender-queer photographers, there is a clear lack of representation of women, especially women of color, in the media. In 2018, only 7.3% of the lead photo bylines published were by women at Le Monde and 19.9% at The New York Times.

The female gaze is a powerful thing, offering access to many worlds, most often hidden from men. It’s important to see how we observe and document the world. Moreover, Paris is an important city not only because of its rich ties to photography but also because of its international landscape. We are here to be heard and to have our photos seen. Exhibiting here allows us to have our stories amplified.

Mois de la Photo OFF 2019

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