ARCHITECTURE AND GARDENS | Picturesque Interiors and Exteriors

Is your work in the shadows? Bring it into the light. We have the technical mastery, exceptional attention to detail and creativity to highlight your project. A professional photographic session is a key element in promoting your architecture and landscape creations. Daughter of an architect and a life-time gardener, Elise Prudhomme has a natural inclination toward photography in these areas. Her training gives her the ability to see through the lens the importance of space as well as form.

Elise has devoted many years of her career to photographing gardens in several countries. Her series on the Tuileries, Yours, Mine, Le Nôtre's, was exhibited by the Louvre in the Tuileries Gardens in 2013 to celebrate the bicentennial of famous landscape architect André Le Nôtre. This exhibition subsequently traveled to Versailles for the same reason. Having contemplated and photographed the gardens of Paris that were created as human centered landscapes around massive architectural buildings, it was a short distance to focus on the buildings themselves.

Elise has done numerous commissions for picturesque interiors and exteriors in the realms of design, real estate, decoration, urban and natural landscapes. Enhancing a natural or architectural space requires an equal vision of perspective, order, scale and light. The human presence in these spaces is essential because it gives perspective and scale.

Bilingual in French and English, fluent in Italian, Elise responds to international requests. Contact Elise to share your projects and get a personalized quote.