Digital Art et Neographie, oeuvres de Sigrun Neumann exposés à Galerie B&B

Sphere & Human Landscape | Sigrun Neumann

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18 June – 30 June 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 18 June at 6 pm
OPENING HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

Sphere & Human Landscape| Sigrun Neumann

Literature, music and film are an integral part of my artistic inspiration. Frequent changes in places of living to India and Arab-Countries, South-East-Asian and Mediterranean countries have given shape to subjects and style. Art is thus both an intercultural communication and an interaction transcending all cultures. Art gives the possibility to get different cultures nearer to each other and to correspond with each other’s cultures, this forms the central purpose, ideas and inspirations of my works and helps to overcome any constraints imposed. Through my work, I present Human Landscapes. Sometimes I use human faces or figures which express the inner world of a humans or his psyche and do not show reality like a photography. Humans are thus presented as integrated in nature and are part of their surroundings.


Sigrun Neumann, Baden-Baden, Allemagne 

Education:  Academy of Fine Arts, Germany – Sociology & Arabic/Islamic studies, Germany, Jordan & Tunisia

Group shows (selection) : Paris : 6e salons de femmes -Musée de Luxembourg Biennales des femmes – Grand Palais, UNESCO- expo international -ART POUR LA PAIX, Inde Chennai : Serala Art Center & Kaala Peetam Kerala, en coopération avec MMB (Institute Goethe) ; Indonésie Jacarta: 54. Merdaka-exposition  ; Chypre Paphos: Galerie d’art de Kyklos, Galerie d’art de Diakosmos;  MaG-Montreux, PAT-Pavia-Italie, Allemagne Baden-Baden : Galerie Altes Dampfbad  ,  Gallerie GFJK .

One Women Show (selection): Allemagne: Galerie d’art Moering, Wiesbaden; Algerie: Galerie nationale d’art d’Alger;  Allemagne: Foire internationale du livre de Francfort;  Inde Chennai: Musée d’art moderne; Grindlays Banque Galerie d’art; Centre d’art Sarala Cochin;  Galerie d’art de Cochin; Chypre Paphos: Galerie d’art de Kyklos & Diakosmos Art Gallery; : Khan al Maghraby; Maroc Rabat: Galerie d’art-Institut Goethe; Allemagne Berlin: KunstRaum Ko, Baden-Baden: Galerie *Altes Dampfbad*  

Alger : professor : à l’école supérieur du beaux-arts & Jakarta Indonésie : lycée français international; WIC, 

Freelance photographer, Illustrator of poetry, Intercultural traveler

Sigrun Neumann’s Website

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