The scent of an idea. Psychological Dystopia | Cesc Abad

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22 – 31 October 2019
OPENING Tuesday 22 October at 7 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

The scent of an idea. Psychological Dystopia | Cesc Abad

Can the Darwinian approach be reversed? Of all the species that inhabit our planet, what has it evolved and how far? These questions can be easy to ask, and also to solve, if we enter the dystopian world of artist Cesc Abad.

Man has differentiated himself from other animals for his intelligence, and according to Nietzsche’s ideas, he has been able to overcome the slavery of the human condition by gaining freedom, and this has allowed him to unleash his creativity.

Nevertheless, perhaps what appears to be the pinnacle of civilization is not thought for man, but for animals capable of developing more effective behaviors than those of the human being.

The Scent of an Idea. Psychological Dystopia is the title proposed by Cesc Abad to enter a sort of Garden of Eden, where each element has a function, which shows us the cognitive abilities that can be acquired by animals. On the other hand, he suggests the possibility of questioning the wisdom and skill of the human being, as Pierre Boulle wrote in his book The Planet of the Apes; “Reasonable Men? Men who hold wisdom? Men inspired by the spirit? No, that is not possible.

It is possible that we are faced with a regression of species, where the true pariahs of the planet will be the men and women who observe the desires of the animal species. It is possible that we are faced with a new dystopia that allows us to reflect on our role in the world, as a satire of human behavior. It is possible that works like I love you or You offer you situations that have never been imagined. It is possible that Cesc Abad is inventing a world that talks about ours.

Author: Mònica Marañón

Biography of Cesc Abad

I was born in Barcelona in 1973, being the only son of a family dedicated to the family business. When I was 15, I was expelled from school, and at that time I saw that I loved the visual arts, especially painting.

My father financed my first studies with the condition of working in the family business. During these first years, I experiment and expose my works in different rooms and galleries.

Everything went well until my father died suddenly when I was 21 years old. Without even having time to think about it, I become the head of the family business. This event will profoundly mark my way of understanding art, the world and myself. I worked as director of the family business, always running it under my great creative temperament.

During my management, the company has achieved ten years of success in various fields (electronics, industrial, sports and fashion). During this period, I realized that my passion for painting makes me weak in front of my business colleagues and I decided to hide it. When I found the time and the money, I decided to place a large workshop annex to my company and under the greatest secrecy.

In the center of my company and next to my office, there is a direct door to the workshop, where I experiment with different materials and techniques (painting, photography, video, ceramics, etc.) without any need never to show any of my works. This space is called by my employees as “the wall”. Nobody knows what’s behind, nor my closest associates, I only share it with my most direct family.

Nevertheless, this way of working, without having the need to sell my works, with no limit of resources, hidden from the public and, by adding activity in the business, all this makes me an incredibly high personal bill.

After having led this double life for twenty years, I decided in 2016 to sell my businesses and dedicate exclusively to artistic creation. I am moving to a more modest studio and I am starting to prepare works to show them to the world. I have decided that it will no longer be a secret.

Biography of Mònica Marañón

Mònica Marañón (Terrassa, 1971) – Art Historian and Independant Curator

2018: Expert in the professionalization of contemporary art (University of Barcelona)
2015: Exhibition curator’s course (Association Arte Sostenible)
2014: Master’s degree in teacher training for secondary education, bachelor’s degree, languages ​​and vocational training (UNIR, Universidad de la Rioja).
2013: Graduated in Art History for UNED.

Professional experience
Mònica Marañón began her career in the business management sector in 1987. She combined this profession with her interest in art through her own family experience, as she experienced creative processes through the workshop of her uncle, who was a painter, starting as an independent curator for the artist Cesc Abad in 1994, becoming the curator of the exhibition “My father” in the city of Ullastrell.

Her passion for art led her to study Art History for UNED and to start teaching from 2014 to 2017 as a tutor in contemporary art history at UNED (Associated Center of Sant Boi) and as a teacher at Vedruna Vall High School, Fundació Vedruna de Terrassa.

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