Together in Pleasure and Lightness | Collective les Arts des Âmes

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23 – 24 March 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING on Saturday 23 March at 6pm
OPENING HOURS : Saturday 10am – 10pm, Sunday 10am – 8pm

Together in Pleasure and Lightness | Collective les Arts des Âmes

Evelyne Toromanian, Sophie Fievet, Gaëlle Lebras, Odile Peineau

To be oneself integrally … to express it as an offering to the world, by the words, the sounds, the unique coloration of our united beings … to create this link that brings us together, to each other, in the pleasure and the lightness, of be together. I am because we are. The individual and the collective form only one.

Maatïani, (Evelyne Toromanian), invites you to the exhibition Together in Pleasure and Lightness which will take place on March 23 – 24, 2019, with the participation and presence of Artists and Messengers Sophie Fievet, Gaelle Lebras, Odile Peineau and Maatani.

Join us to take a step together in pleasure and lightness.


Accompaniment of Artists who go on stage and dare the first step of exposure

Since 2018, after meeting many artists who were afraid to highlight their art and confront the returns of the public, Evelyne Toromanian initiated and created the collective Les Arts des Âmes. She has developed a mentoring for artists that allows them to clarify their message, to introduce themselves, to be in intimate contact with their art and connect with the public. Very practical and subtle questions are discussed such as how to set prices, how to communicate as an artist, how to handle criticism, what other channels to sell his art other than exhibition spaces … all the while discovering a unique and singular way which sticks to the skin of the emerging artist. A first on stage or a first exhibition is prepared. There is a time when this is the right moment, where the artist is confident enough to dare to give birth, to give birth to his message and to transmit it, to assert himself in his posture as an artist.

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