Photographic Technique

Would you like to learn black and white photography ? Discover the shooting in large format or pinhole ? Improve your knowledge of digital image processing ?

From shooting to printing, Philippe Bachelier and Elise Prudhomme offer à la carte courses, in English or French, over one or two days, whether you are a beginner or an avid amateur. The courses deal with the theoretical and practical issues of shooting in various formats, such as film development and the production of prints on several types of media (RC, baryta). The internship program is discussed freely, so as to best meet the trainee's needs.

400 € TTC for 1 day
750 € TTC for two days

Art Tours

You wish to take advantage of the exceptional offer of Parisian exhibitions in the field of photography and contemporary art. Come meet the history of photography and learn more about techniques of framing and highlighting subjects in the capable hands of a guide passionate about photography.

Graduate of Smith College in Art History and teacher at Spéos Photographic Institute Paris, Elise Prudhomme is a Franco-American professional photographer fluent in Italian. She organizes and hosts cultural tours tailored for groups of 10 people maximum. The outings are designed to promote the discovery of the history of photography and contemporary art through a journey of museums, institutions and art galleries in Ile-de-France.

Topics covered, among others: composition, printing techniques, the art market (sale of prints, limited editions) and collections. Along the way, we weave thematic links between the exhibitions.

500 € TTC for a half day
850 € TTC for a full day
Entrance fees not included