13 Swedish Sculptors Exhibit – Retrospective 1985-2020 | Homage to Ernst Wallin, for the Love of Art

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13 Sculpteurs Suédois exposent - Retrospective 1985-2020 | Hommage à Ernst Wallin, par l'amour de l'art avec l'Association Artistique Suédoise
23 – 27 May 2021
OPENING Saturday 22 May at 16h00
GALLERY HOURS : Monday 3 – 8pm, Tuesday – Friday 12 – 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 8pm

13 Swedish Sculptors Exhibit – Retrospective 1985-2020 | Homage to Ernst Wallin, for the Love of Art


1988 | Disa Linderoth
1989 | Teresa Wennberg
1992 | Gudmar Olovson
1994 | Evert Lindfors
1995 | Maire Männik
1998 | Torsten Ridell
2003 | Osa Scherdin
2004 | Marc Rizell
2005 | Lindståhl
2010 | Maria Svensson
2015 | Monika Meschke
2017 | Eva Bergman
2019 | Charlotte von Poehl

Available Biographies

Swedish sculptor, born in Stockholm in 1947, and entered the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1978.
DISA works with clay – various terracotta with deep colors ranging from pink to gray.
From 1980 , we find her at the Galerie Gérardoù she takes part in the “Art Olympics”, then for other exhibitions, every year, at least until 1983 inclusive. She was one of the five sculptors of the “Terre Terre” exhibition in 1982. She also exhibited regularly during the 1980s at the Salon de Printemps organized by the Swedish Artistic Association in Paris.

Teresa Wennberg

Born in 1944 in Stockholm, she lives between Sweden and France. Currently working on antique glass on stained glass for St. Martin de Corsavy and on haiku writing. 1997-2010 Artist in Residence KTH Stockholm with Virtual Reality. Studies in law, languages ​​and economics at Stockholm University, painting at Atelier Harburger and Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, pupil of Neal Slavin, John Cage and Nam June Paik. Studies in computer animation at CIMA Université Paris VIII, at the Vasulka Santa Fé studio and at the Aoyama Computer Graphic School in Tokyo. First painting exhibition at the Sala Gaudi Barcelona 1974. First video production at the Center Pompidou Paris in 1978.

Gudmar Olovson

His sculptures celebrate the love and beauty of human emotions.
The classical school and Auguste Rodin brought him to Paris in 1959. The preference for the modernist movement at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm did not interest him.
Rather than in pencil or charcoal, Gudmar prefers to draw in red chalk. The color underlined the fire and the carnal nature of man. His sculptures in movement, sometimes dramatic, express in each muscle pain, violence, falls or captivity. His representations of couples emphasize the carnal side without inhibition. Next to it, there are calmer and more melancholy works such as “les deux Arbres”.
A posthumous tribute was paid to him at the inauguration in 2019 of the “Parc de l’Amour”.

Evert Lindfors

His artistic career as a painter began at the age of sixteen. Arrived in France in 1946, he spent 10 years in Paris where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. At the end of the 1950s he moved to the Luberon in Lacoste. From this time on, his paintings were loaded with reliefs, thick layers of color, then he took the step towards sculpture in 1968.
He wants to model in clay the life of the countryside, the daily work of the peasants, their sorrows and their joys captured on the spot. He exhibits his works throughout Europe.
All his life he works on different themes, including that of animals. He composes several Noah’s Arches, two of which are visible in Sweden, Stockholm and Visby.
Other, smaller versions can be found at Lacoste in Les Ateliers Lindfors.

Maïré Männik

Having grown up in Estonia, Maire Männik arrived in Sweden during the war and then found herself in Paris in 1952 by personal choice. She met the sculptor Ossip Zadkine and became his student at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. Coming from the classical school with a large register of busts mainly of children, Maire Männik was already very early inspired by “natural Gothic”. From this inspiration are born installations created from steel bars and plaster with strange rhythm and movement where light and heavy forms sway in the air space that separates them. Their interaction with light becomes a game of freedom and life.
A retrospective of her work was organized in 2019 by KUMU, the museum of modern art in Tallinn, Estonia, after a delicate restoration of the most fragile sculptures.

Torsten Ridell

Torsten Ridell paints mainly black and white, and some fundamental shapes, the square, the triangle…. T. Ridell composes here a work dominated by a slight movement, a discreet asymmetry (another characteristic of the artist), which brings breathing and rhythm. It is not a question of striking a hammering, a noisy repetition, but rather of carrying out a beginning of mutation, of tilting: the angles, the geometric planes do not correspond exactly with each other, the vertical or horizontal lines seem get lost, while extending virtually on the wall … two juxtaposed triangles, falsely immobile, make up a figure in a false symmetry, imperceptibly set in motion, the continuation and consequences of which it is up to us to imagine, and thus seem to join the great rhythm of the world. B. Fauchille

Osa Scherdin

I admit that my relationship with the land is quite special, it is indeed a matter of preference.
Because the earth has a plasticity which cannot be replaced by any other matter.
How many formal adventures does it take? Between the very soft, even the liquid to the hard and once cooked, the very hard, for sure BACHELARD would have understood me, I think of this beautiful poem in prose his essay “the earth or the reverie of the will”.
Open a sphere, separate the secret walls, know the inside of things and their behavior, share in violence… Day and night, a past or an act rather than an image itself… this that, the positive of an act and its negative side, how not to be fascinated by the image and its double, symmetry fascinates me and what will be the dialogue between the two? ” – (about “Admirable Lovers”) – Osa Scherdin

Marc Rizell

Born in 1960 and raised in Malmö, French mother and father of Dalarna. Originally intended for research in nuclear physics.
I changed management while staying on a kibbutz in 1980, where I became an assistant to a sculptor I met by chance. He worked with marble and I was fascinated by the possibility of combining thought and body.
In 1984 I worked for stone sculptors in Paris, then I acquired my first studio in 1986 in Belleville. Not having gone through art school, I wanted at all costs to succeed in the most difficult work, the face.
Just a few millimeters around the mouth and eyes can completely change the expression. The problem with three-dimensional sculptures is that they compete with all the other three-dimensional things around us; trees, furniture and other objects.
Also begins a period of making reliefs. The relief is halfway between the three-dimensional and the two-dimensional. The paintings are two-dimensional and already an abstraction.


A sculptor originally from Stockholm, she spent a few years in London before arriving in France in 1970. Her artistic production consists mainly of unique pieces, in patinated terracotta. She also works with stone, bronze and resin. /…/
Her works are quickly recognized at the regional level first, where she multiplies awards and invitations of honor, then at the national level where from 1983 Lindståhl is invited to exhibit at the major Parisian salons. Since 1999 she has been a member of the Taylor Foundation. /…/
After holding two Parisian sculpture workshops, she devoted herself for 22 years to her studio in BaIlancourt in Essonne, which was offered to her full-time by the city and allows her to provide courses in many students, and at the same time to give life to new works.

Maria Svensson

Maria Svensson clearly defines herself as a sculptor, but landscape drawings, reliefs, installations, brightly colored stained-glass windows and acrylic paintings are also part of her expressions. Her recent brightly colored paintings give the illusion of a curved surface that seems intimately linked to three dimensions. These acrylic paints combine simplicity, intensity and sculptural effect. The patterns appear to come from her pencil studies, reflecting rapidly changing environments.

Monika Meschke

Born German in Stettin in 1937. Became Swedish after the exhibition of her family in 1939 and Swiss in 1956 by her marriage to the scenographer Ruodi Barth, she has lived in Provence for thirty years.
Attracted by dance and spectacle, She worked very early on with her brother Michael Meschke, director and theater designer … From this experience she retained the respect for materials and techniques, and her interest in the representation of movement. Beginning of her personal production in 1981.
She likes to locate her wives in public places: wash-houses, station halls, churches, canteens, cloisters, hospitals … and exhibits in galleries, in France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany , Spain, Netherlands …
In Japan she discovers an interest in light materials. His women, human size, carved in polystyrene, covered with glass fabric and resin, will be strong and light.
Movement rather than gesture, concrete rather than realism will be constants, with the challenge of variations on a single theme.
The bet will be to condense the beginning and the end of a movement in a single figure … and that the in-completion is an endless desire.

Eva Bergman

“Theater” is a key word in Eva Bergman’s life.
Before leaving for Japan in 1967, where she remained for 4 fascinating years, she worked for Sandrews.
Influenced by the spectacular suicide of novelist Mishima Yukio, Eva creates a series of collages considered in retrospect as revolutionary in their feminist consciousness.
The 1972 “Le Tour du Soleil” graphic series will be exhibited first in Tokyo, then Stockholm and Paris. In the 1980s, clay prevailed with bowls, abstract shapes, female figures, and Raku firing. Then came the puppets, the tiny ones and the giants. Eva conceives them, creates them, manipulates them, makes them speak, gives them life – she finds the theater again!

Charlotte von Poehl

Time, repetition and seriality are at the center of her work.
As a daily activity, she returns to her motifs using ordinary materials and techniques. Taking notes, drawing, modeling are all part of the same practice which is essential to her artistic process. Each work is part of a process in the making and is only a fragment of a larger project.
Swedish artist based in Paris, Charlotte von Poehl has exhibited her work in many international institutions including the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, the Malmö Konstmuseum, the Turku Art Museum, the Plateau Frac lle-de-France, the Ystads Konstmuseum and the Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund, Sweden, where she had a solo exhibition in 2017.

From rolling mountains to predators stalking their next meal, join us at Studio Galerie B&B for a 'Nature Photography' expo by GuruShots.

Nature Photography | GuruShots

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17 – 19 September 2020
Thursday 17 September from 7pm – 9pm
Friday 18 September from 2pm – 7pm
Saturday 19 September from 2pm – 7pm

Nature Photography | GuruShots

From rolling mountains to predators stalking their next meal, join us for a ‘Nature Photography’ exhibition by GuruShots, the world’s leading photography game. With over 156,000 entries and a total of 92 million votes, a huge congratulations is owed to those print and digital entries selected to be showcased.

In order to have first access to this exhibition, reserve your free gallery visit here from 17 September to 19 September.


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Le Marché de Noël | KIMI JAAK, Mon LEE, KKIIO et Sumin HAN avec Asian Art Group

Christmas Market | KIMI JAAK, Mon LEE, KKIIO and Sumin HAN with Asian Art Group

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17 – 30 December 2019
OPENING Friday 20 December from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Monday 2 – 7 pm, Tuesday – Sunday 12 – 7 pm

Christmas Market | KIMI JAAK, Mon LEE, KKIIO and Sumin HAN

organized by AAG (Asian Art Group)

Artistic agency established since 2018 in Paris, we aim to develop the visibility of Asian Arts on the European market.

Flaneries at Père-Lachaise | Photographs by Louis Gaillard

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Flaneries au Père-Lachaise, photographs by Louis Gaillard of the most visited cemetery in Paris, exhibited from 10 - 15 December at Studio Galerie B&B.
10 December – 15 December 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 10 December at 6 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

Flaneries au Père-Lachaise | photographs by Louis Gaillard

Père-Lachaise is one of the most visited places of the capital. It is also its largest green space and of course it is one of the Parisian cemeteries that houses the most famous people.

My work focuses on the romantic character of the place expressed by the neo-Gothic architecture of monuments and chapels and the organization of the English garden in its old part. That’s why I started to photograph the cemetery in the evening, in winter one of the seasons where it best expresses its character and or more importantly it inspires me the most.

I imagined this exhibition as a ballad and a reverie to make you want to discover this place beyond the celebrities who live there and the history that accompanies them.

It is also a way of apprehending the vanity of men and their desire to want to exist after their death. At a time when death is taboo for many, I have taken the opportunity to try to tame it a little.

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The scent of an idea. Psychological Dystopia | Cesc Abad

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22 – 31 October 2019
OPENING Tuesday 22 October at 7 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

The scent of an idea. Psychological Dystopia | Cesc Abad

Can the Darwinian approach be reversed? Of all the species that inhabit our planet, what has it evolved and how far? These questions can be easy to ask, and also to solve, if we enter the dystopian world of artist Cesc Abad.

Man has differentiated himself from other animals for his intelligence, and according to Nietzsche’s ideas, he has been able to overcome the slavery of the human condition by gaining freedom, and this has allowed him to unleash his creativity.

Nevertheless, perhaps what appears to be the pinnacle of civilization is not thought for man, but for animals capable of developing more effective behaviors than those of the human being.

The Scent of an Idea. Psychological Dystopia is the title proposed by Cesc Abad to enter a sort of Garden of Eden, where each element has a function, which shows us the cognitive abilities that can be acquired by animals. On the other hand, he suggests the possibility of questioning the wisdom and skill of the human being, as Pierre Boulle wrote in his book The Planet of the Apes; “Reasonable Men? Men who hold wisdom? Men inspired by the spirit? No, that is not possible.

It is possible that we are faced with a regression of species, where the true pariahs of the planet will be the men and women who observe the desires of the animal species. It is possible that we are faced with a new dystopia that allows us to reflect on our role in the world, as a satire of human behavior. It is possible that works like I love you or You offer you situations that have never been imagined. It is possible that Cesc Abad is inventing a world that talks about ours.

Author: Mònica Marañón

Biography of Cesc Abad

I was born in Barcelona in 1973, being the only son of a family dedicated to the family business. When I was 15, I was expelled from school, and at that time I saw that I loved the visual arts, especially painting.

My father financed my first studies with the condition of working in the family business. During these first years, I experiment and expose my works in different rooms and galleries.

Everything went well until my father died suddenly when I was 21 years old. Without even having time to think about it, I become the head of the family business. This event will profoundly mark my way of understanding art, the world and myself. I worked as director of the family business, always running it under my great creative temperament.

During my management, the company has achieved ten years of success in various fields (electronics, industrial, sports and fashion). During this period, I realized that my passion for painting makes me weak in front of my business colleagues and I decided to hide it. When I found the time and the money, I decided to place a large workshop annex to my company and under the greatest secrecy.

In the center of my company and next to my office, there is a direct door to the workshop, where I experiment with different materials and techniques (painting, photography, video, ceramics, etc.) without any need never to show any of my works. This space is called by my employees as “the wall”. Nobody knows what’s behind, nor my closest associates, I only share it with my most direct family.

Nevertheless, this way of working, without having the need to sell my works, with no limit of resources, hidden from the public and, by adding activity in the business, all this makes me an incredibly high personal bill.

After having led this double life for twenty years, I decided in 2016 to sell my businesses and dedicate exclusively to artistic creation. I am moving to a more modest studio and I am starting to prepare works to show them to the world. I have decided that it will no longer be a secret.


Biography of Mònica Marañón

Mònica Marañón (Terrassa, 1971) – Art Historian and Independant Curator

2018: Expert in the professionalization of contemporary art (University of Barcelona)
2015: Exhibition curator’s course (Association Arte Sostenible)
2014: Master’s degree in teacher training for secondary education, bachelor’s degree, languages ​​and vocational training (UNIR, Universidad de la Rioja).
2013: Graduated in Art History for UNED.

Professional experience
Mònica Marañón began her career in the business management sector in 1987. She combined this profession with her interest in art through her own family experience, as she experienced creative processes through the workshop of her uncle, who was a painter, starting as an independent curator for the artist Cesc Abad in 1994, becoming the curator of the exhibition “My father” in the city of Ullastrell.

Her passion for art led her to study Art History for UNED and to start teaching from 2014 to 2017 as a tutor in contemporary art history at UNED (Associated Center of Sant Boi) and as a teacher at Vedruna Vall High School, Fundació Vedruna de Terrassa.

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Black and white photograph of succulents in a minimalist style kitchen using house plants for interior decoration. The family Cactaceae in Karlsruhe, Germany.  Series entitled Lieux-dits by Elise Prudhomme.

Lieux-dits | Elise Prudhomme

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5 – 17 November 2019
OPENING Tuesday 5 November at 6 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday from 3 – 7 pm, Saturday & Sunday from 2 – 7 pm

Lieux-dits [Said Places] | Elise Prudhomme

Photographic author, Elise Prudhomme, uses her many cameras to explore the possibilities and limits of the medium. Her subject matter varies from Landscape, Portraits or Interior Spaces but throughout there is a humor, irony and an appreciation of the surreal.

Her latest exhibition is Lieux-dits. This is a French toponymic term that literally translates as “Said Places”. It refers to small geographical locations that bear traditional names often based on some characteristic of the place, its former use, or a past event. These photographs represent events as well as places, as in a memoir. One single shot was not enough to express the feeling engendered by the locale. Through a creative use of multiple perspectives and points of view to generate diverse reference points, the emotions associated with the Lieux-dits are anchored in memory.


Graduate of Smith College in Art History and Italian Literature, Elise assists fashion and architecture photographers in Florence before moving to Paris. She continues her apprenticeship in silver printing at the Maine Photographic Workshops and in Paris with Guillaume Geneste. Self-consciousness, her first photographic series in medium format black and white film is awarded at Royan and receives the Grand Prix of Riedisheim on the theme “Feminine”.

Elise participates in the creation of Francis Picabia’s catalog raisonné and directs the pop-up gallery for the visual arts: Studio Galerie B&B.  She teaches contemporary art and photography to the students of Spéos Paris and Rhode Island School of Design through the organization of cultural visits in Ile-de-France. 

With enthusiasm and rigor, Elise Prudhomme explores creative processes combining analog and digital photography using middle and large format cameras (4×5 view camera, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex). She realizes projects around the theme of the new picturesque. Light is her first tool and inspires the treatment of the subject whether it is an interior space, a landscape or a portrait as illustrated by her work for the French National Foundation of Parks and Gardens and the Theodore Roosevelt Association.

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Omane | Photographs by Nathalie Debroise

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8 October – 13 October 2019
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 7:30 pm, Saturday 11am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm
OPENING Tuesday 8 October at 7 pm

Omane | Photographs by Nathalie Debroise

First trip to Ivory Coast … my grandmother had just died. She told me: what’s the use of traveling? She had never left Brittany, her native country. I will go to Abidjan, I will not be at her funeral. Leave to forget absence, the gray-blue waves of my childhood, leave Brittany to discover other shores, other faces. Watch


PhD in comparative literature, Nathalie Debroise teaches film analysis and history of photography courses at the American University of Paris. She directs the Department of French Studies after having directed the film department. Her previous exhibitions were devoted to dance and the female body. She is currently preparing an exhibition (texts / images) on sexual identities and gender transgression.

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20 Landscapes | Photographs by Olivier Cauquil

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Exposition d'Olivier Cauquil, vingt photographies de paysage, du 26 novembre au 1 decembre 2019 au Studio Galerie B&B.
26 November – 1 December 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 26 November at 6 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

20 Landscapes | photographs by Olivier Cauquil

I take photographs.
I take pictures. I stop.
I let myself be overwhelmed by what I see.
I take. I am not a technician. I take pictures.
I look for my old pictures. I cut them.
Cut out. They are new.
No content. Silent. Little contrast.
On the screen I work on the gray tones.
A little black. It is necessary. I scrutinize. I modify.
I destroy the light often. False day.
That’s it.

And it’s the story, it’s the poetry, it’s the stealthy feeling.
It is in Italy. It is five o’clock the awning has remained half-open, one hears the rumor of the beach which gradually resumes.
It’s also an instant impression of déjà vu.
It is in Manhattan, the documentary Style suddenly.
It is the solitude of this street that turns.

I am Parisian. Every year I spend a lot of time near the city of Toulouse. I am 67. I studied at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. I worked in drawing, illustration, graphic design and advertising. I always took pictures. Some images in this exhibition are more than 35 years old. I have been working with analog cameras, 35 mm, 6 x 6, 6 x 7. With a Polaroid 195. I now work with a Polaroid SX 70 and a small Sony digital camera.

I work in Paris. In Toulouse.

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Exhibition C'la Nature, paintings and drawings by Didier Vachet at Studio Galerie B&B from 3 to 8 December 2019.

It’s Nature | Paintings and drawings by Didier Vachet

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Exhibition C'la Nature, paintings and drawings by Didier Vachet at Studio Galerie B&B from 3 to 8 December 2019.
3 December – 8 December 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 3 December at 6 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

It’s Nature | Paintings and drawings by Didier Vachet

Didier Vachet and Painting

Didier Vachet draws from an early age and likes to caricature his classmates and teachers, which leads him naturally to the world of comics.

As a teenager, he takes part in several drawing competitions, including the Angoulême festival three times (secondary school category) and finishes in first place.  A few years later, Didier publishes a comic strip composed of 5 plates with the collaboration of a scriptwriter in a fanzine by Sémic.

Particularly curious and interested in all forms of art, he frequents for 20 years in the universe of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, which strongly influences his study of color and interest in culture.

Driven by his family, he begins to paint in the summer of 2017. Guided by his ideas, he sketches; first the forms and then the colors, which animate him during the creation of his paintings.

His inspirations are diverse and reflect his curiosity: he is interested in nineteenth and twentieth century painting, sculpture, architecture, history, cinema, comics, travel … This openness allows him to produce works of different styles and explore many themes using multiple mediums (marker, pencils, watercolor, acrylic, oil etc.).

His inventiveness is also expressed in the use of unusual materials such as soy sauce, lipstick or aluminum foil.
His eye and his sensitivity are at the origin of an eclectic graphic and colorful style, imbued with humor and referring in turn to comics, cubism or graphics.

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A Conversation with Chloe Lodge | Author of ‘For the Love of the Photograph’

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Friday 4 October from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

A Conversation with Chloe Lodge – Storyteller, Photographer & Author of ‘For the Love of the Photograph’

Author Chloe Lodge of recently published and wildly popular For the Love of the Photograph is coming to Paris all the way from her new home in New Zealand.

For the Love of the Photograph is causing quite a stir in the photography community worldwide and is being praised as a unique, must-have educational and inspirational guide for everyone who loves to tell stories with their photographs. The book’s ten engaging, easy to read chapters include the art of visual language, storytelling and the wonder of light. There are chapters on ways to be creative, the joy that is the physical image and thoughts on the use of social media. Copies of Chloe’s book are currently being bought and loved by photographers and non-photographers across the globe, not only for the compelling content and beautiful imagery but also for it’s incredible print quality and unique size making it small enough to take on travels or to keep handy whenever a creative boost is needed.

You’re invited to join Chloe on Friday 4th October to celebrate with a glass of wine and a chat. She will be talking for some of the evening about her journey in photography, which began in Paris nine years ago when she studied at Speos School of Photography. She will share what inspired to her to write a photography book and also give some helpful photography tips too. There will be also an opportunity to meet fellow photography lovers too.

Copies of her book will be available at the event for €25. However, to ensure you don’t miss out on a copy it’s recommended you pre-order online. There is a pre-order discount to €20. Simply select ‘Paris pre-order’ in the drop down menu. www.fortheloveofthephotograph.com

Chloe will be available at the end of the event to sign and personalize your book.

We’re very excited to see you there!

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Echo | Alice Chevalier, Paul, Fabienne Colombani & Arnaud Simonin

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19 November – 24 November 2019
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
OPENING Friday 22 November at 7 pm

Alice Chevalier, Paul, Fabienne Colombani et Arnaud Simonin


Alice Chevalier, Interior Designer and Training Designer, lives and works in Paris. Dedicated to exhibitions, collaborations and press publications, she currently devotes herself to her job as an illustrator.

Her works speak about the unspeakable, making us travel by breaking down concrete barriers. From her previous work, Alice has kept only one constant: she sublimates the world around us with a personal touch, resulting in work full of lyricism, real odes to life.

For this group exhibition, Alice will present a series about her passion for Mexico and the iconic cultural festival; El dia de los muertos.


Paul’s work is inspired by his two passions: Science and artistic creation that he has cultivated and developped from an early age. With this series, he explores a major concept in his work: Emergence.

His heroes, well-known icons that convey power, strength and hope, are represented by with a minimum of colors and a minimum of the unit of modern image that is the pixel.

Behind a recognizable identity, made of a palette of bright colors and marked flat areas, he used several techniques to achieve this series: stencils, aerosols, collages and stamps. Accustomed to large formats, Paul also wanted to work on smaller formats.


Born in Paris, Fabienne has been creating and drawing since she was young and has naturally oriented her passion towards the applied arts. The Estienne and Duperré schools led her to textile design and fashion.

Today, based in Montreuil, she is evolving towards a playful and poetic universe, inspired by the magic of childhood.

Organic and vegetable materials from kitchen waste inspire Fabienne to create animated illustrations. Using peels of the Alliaceae family – garlic, onion, shallot – grafted dead leaves, pods of beans… she composes miniatures and other curiosities in the form of trophies of vegetable hunting.

Diverted and transformed under the delicacy of line and composition, fragile materials escape their fate of compost to magically nest as imaginary birds, masks and totems …


Arnaud Simonin has been living in eastern Paris for 20 years. This artist teaches drawing and painting in associative structures as well as private workshops for adults, adolescents and children.

His job as a graphic designer, as well as his new teaching activity, influenced his personal plastic practices (painting landscapes, drawings, collages, engravings, stencils, photography) and confirmed his taste for visual experiments and mixed media techniques.

  • Solo exhibition – Galerie Champs Secrets (2014)
  • Group show – Bataclan Project – une affiche originale de 1964 distribuée à 100 artistes (2016)
  • Group show – Galerie Champs Secrets (2018)

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Exposition Elements after Crimes, photographies de Zabou Carrière au Studio Galerie B&B du 15 au 20 octobre 2019.

Elements after crimes, 44.86°N 16.77°E | Zabou Carrière

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15 – 20 October 2019
OPENING Friday 18 October at 6pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 to 8pm, Saturday 12 noon – 8pm, Sunday 12 noon – 6pm

Elements after crimes, 44.86°N 16.77°E | Zabou Carrière

December 2013, the excavations are completed in the mass grave of Tomašica in Republika Srpska. They started in September following the statements of a Serb witness. Twenty years later, he had indicated the place where non-Serbs were dumped in a dug pit in 1992 to hide the bodies during the Bosnian war. In 1993, the local population complained about the smells, the ones who had buried the bodies had unearthed a part to hide them in a secondary mass grave, Jakarina Kosa, about ten kilometers away.

Some 600 people were buried in Tomašica, making it the largest mass grave discovered in Europe since the Second World War.

Zabou Carrière had followed the excavations in the autumn and decided to come to Tomašica a few months later. The photographs of Elements After Crimes, 44.86 ° N 16.77 ° E show water, mud, stones, plants, all elements of the nature of an apparent banality. Their scale is not clearly noticeable, images without perspective. The shots are taken looking downwards towards the ground. Rather than landscapes, they are surfaces that are shown, the very ones that had to be excavated to get rid of the remains of the dead that had been sought for twenty years.

The photographs suggest rather than show the horror.

An image points to a scarred sky, indecisive between sun and clouds. The weather is nice and warm in this region too.

Vegetation has covered the returned earth, water has filled the pits, the excavators in charge of their extraction no longer cover the songs of the birds. The landscape was modified by the interventions of man and ended up revealing his secrets. The crime scene exists in the collective memory and yet much more is not visible.

Raphael Enthoven, resuming a text by Vladimir Jankélévitch, questions the fact that in Auschwitz “the grass starts growing again every year and the birds sing there”. He adds: “We can not but be indignant that life goes on and we can not help but rejoice.”

At the entrance to the Pantheon of Simone Veil and her husband Antoine, it was broadcast the recording of Dawn, Birkenau, June 17, 2018, 5 am. There is the song of birds.

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Digital Art et Neographie, oeuvres de Sigrun Neumann exposés à Galerie B&B

Sphere & Human Landscape | Sigrun Neumann

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18 June – 30 June 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 18 June at 6 pm
OPENING HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

Sphere & Human Landscape| Sigrun Neumann

Literature, music and film are an integral part of my artistic inspiration. Frequent changes in places of living to India and Arab-Countries, South-East-Asian and Mediterranean countries have given shape to subjects and style. Art is thus both an intercultural communication and an interaction transcending all cultures. Art gives the possibility to get different cultures nearer to each other and to correspond with each other’s cultures, this forms the central purpose, ideas and inspirations of my works and helps to overcome any constraints imposed. Through my work, I present Human Landscapes. Sometimes I use human faces or figures which express the inner world of a humans or his psyche and do not show reality like a photography. Humans are thus presented as integrated in nature and are part of their surroundings.


Sigrun Neumann, Baden-Baden, Allemagne 

Education:  Academy of Fine Arts, Germany – Sociology & Arabic/Islamic studies, Germany, Jordan & Tunisia

Group shows (selection) : Paris : 6e salons de femmes -Musée de Luxembourg Biennales des femmes – Grand Palais, UNESCO- expo international -ART POUR LA PAIX, Inde Chennai : Serala Art Center & Kaala Peetam Kerala, en coopération avec MMB (Institute Goethe) ; Indonésie Jacarta: 54. Merdaka-exposition  ; Chypre Paphos: Galerie d’art de Kyklos, Galerie d’art de Diakosmos;  MaG-Montreux, PAT-Pavia-Italie, Allemagne Baden-Baden : Galerie Altes Dampfbad  ,  Gallerie GFJK .

One Women Show (selection): Allemagne: Galerie d’art Moering, Wiesbaden; Algerie: Galerie nationale d’art d’Alger;  Allemagne: Foire internationale du livre de Francfort;  Inde Chennai: Musée d’art moderne; Grindlays Banque Galerie d’art; Centre d’art Sarala Cochin;  Galerie d’art de Cochin; Chypre Paphos: Galerie d’art de Kyklos & Diakosmos Art Gallery; : Khan al Maghraby; Maroc Rabat: Galerie d’art-Institut Goethe; Allemagne Berlin: KunstRaum Ko, Baden-Baden: Galerie *Altes Dampfbad*  

Alger : professor : à l’école supérieur du beaux-arts & Jakarta Indonésie : lycée français international; WIC, 

Freelance photographer, Illustrator of poetry, Intercultural traveler

Sigrun Neumann’s Website

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Dialogue between women | Aditi Lago, Samaneh Atef, Evelyne Postic, Raâk presented by Galerie Polysémie

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14 June – 16 June 2019
OPENING Friday 14 June at 5 pm
June 15 and 16 – Tea and Apéritif
HOURS : Friday – Saturday from 11 am – 9 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm

Dialogue between women | Aditi Lago, Samaneh Atef, Evelyne Postic, Raak presented by Galerie Polysémie

During a weekend in Paris we have selected four women Outsider artists whose creations, although different, dialogue perfectly.

Galerie Polysémie I contact@polysemie.com I +33 0607 272 558

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The Print Swap | A Project by Feature Shoot

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21 – 26 May 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 21 May at 6pm
OPENING HOURS : Tuesday – Friday from 3 – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 6pm

The Print Swap | A Project by Feature Shoot

Give and Receive Prints; Build Your Collection; Be Surprised!

International photographers of all backgrounds are invited to submit to The Print Swap, brought to you by Feature Shoot. The Print Swap is an opportunity for photographers to collect carefully curated prints and engage with other photographers around the globe. Photographers who are selected by our curators will both give and receive a print. Once selected, photographers pay $40 per image to participate (we cover printing and shipping).

To submit, simply hashtag your images on Instagram #theprintswap or email them to us (at 620px wide) at submit@theprintswap.com.

We’re thrilled to announce that submissions are now officially open for our next exhibition, opening this spring at Studio Galerie B&B in Paris.

Photographers who participate in The Print Swap between now and March 31st will be considered by the photographer and gallery director Elise Prudhomme to be part of the show. As always, anyone can apply by tagging their best images #theprintswap on Instagram.

Under the leadership of photographers Prudhomme and Philippe Bachelier, Studio Galerie B&B is a hub for artists, providing a stunning gallery space in addition to its studio and darkroom facilities. Positioned between Canal Saint-Martin and Gare de l’Est, the gallery’s elegant windows face bustling street, where locals and tourists can pop in to see work from photographers around the world. The final selection of exhibiting images will be announced shortly after the March 31st deadline, and in the meantime, you can stay updated by following along on Instagram at @theprintswap.

Hashtag your images #theprintswap on Instagram by March 31, 2019 to be considered for our exhibition at Studio Galerie B&B in Paris.

The Print Swap est un projet de Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot présente le travail de photographes du monde entier.
Feature Shoot présente le travail de photographes du monde entier.

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NathLM artiste peintre expose ses tableaux au Studio Galerie B&B du 13 au 19 mai 2019.

Impression | Works by NathLM

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NathLM artiste peintre expose ses tableaux au Studio Galerie B&B du 13 au 19 mai 2019.
NathLM artiste peintre exposition Studio Galerie B&B
13 May – 19 May 2019
VERNISSAGE le jeudi 16 mai à 18h
HOURS : Monday – Wednesday 3 – 8pm, Thursday and Friday 12 noon – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

Impression | Works by NathLM

Graduate of the Central Union of Decorative Arts, I first focused on advertising. I also created my own graphic editing studio. Actually, I prefer painting and devote all of my time to it.

I work with acrylic and a brush and knife. I express myself most of the time with bright colors often tempered by gray, brown and gold, on large formats. The material is sometimes thick and can hide several layers. My painting is abstract and spontaneous. I believe that my work exudes energy and vitality.

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Girl Gang | Group Photo Exhibition during Photo Month OFF

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Girl Gang Photography Exhibition during Mois de la Photo OFF 2019
16 – 30 April 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Thursday 18 April at 7pm
OPENING HOURS : every day from 12 to 8pm

Girl Gang | Group Photo Exhibition during Photo Month OFF

Girl Gang is composed of eight female identifying storytellers from all over the globe who decided to come together at a pivotal time in history, not just in the world but also in photography. According to statistics collected by Women Photograph, an organization whose aim is to elevate the voices of female and gender-queer photographers, there is a clear lack of representation of women, especially women of color, in the media. In 2018, only 7.3% of the lead photo bylines published were by women at Le Monde and 19.9% at The New York Times.

The female gaze is a powerful thing, offering access to many worlds, most often hidden from men. It’s important to see how we observe and document the world. Moreover, Paris is an important city not only because of its rich ties to photography but also because of its international landscape. We are here to be heard and to have our photos seen. Exhibiting here allows us to have our stories amplified.

Mois de la Photo OFF 2019

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Black Holes » est une métaphore de l'humanité.  Face à la lumière, les corps mis à nus rappellent la fragilité de la nature humaine.  Les modèles photographiés sont en survie, ils cherchent à continuer à vivre en paix malgré la vie en danger.

Black Holes | a photographic voyage by Julien Sunyé

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27 May – 2 June 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Tuesday 28 May at 6 pm
GALLERY HOURS : Tuesday – Friday 3 – 8 pm, Saturday 11 am – 7 pm, Sunday 12 – 7 pm

Black Holes | a photographic voyage by Julien Sunyé

The War is not over, interior and exterior stigmas

Paris, May 2019

“Every year we celebrate peace, but in reality we are still at war.” Through 24 European destinations, 54 shots, 26,000 kilometers, the photographer Julien Sunyé evokes the traumas of the conflicts crossed, those that we believe forgotten or those that we ignore through denial. Here, photography reveals the cry of “the vulnerable being in search of peace”. A poignant series of about fifty color and black-and-white photographs that challenges the identity of each of us faced with the violence of internal conflicts, such as those who have opposed or still oppose men today in the world.

A metaphor for humanity

“Black Holes” is a metaphor for humanity. Faced with light, nude bodies remind us of the fragility of human nature. The models photographed are in survival mode, they seek to continue to live in peace despite life in danger. The human race has always struggled to appease what has hurt it, these wounds that can never be completely eradicated or repaired. Julien Sunyé evokes the quest for peace through his work: “The emotions that go through us often have their origins in childhood. It takes time, attention and real work on oneself to understand and analyze them. Modern life unfortunately leaves little room for this inner quest. Finally, to show one’s pain is to learn how to overcome it, to make peace with one’s past and create a harmonious future for one’s self and others.”

This series pays tribute to victims who have fallen victim to collective violence as well as those who are still trapped and fighting against their own past. The question is: how can we survive this violence and at what price? And what does peace and freedom mean when you are still trapped in past violence? “The commemorated wars are deceptive: the violence has not completely ended. Although nature and time have repaired wounds to make them invisible, they persist in another forms.”

Photography, act of resilience

In 2013, Julien Sunyé is plunged into a severe depression whose cause escapes him. It prevents him from working and being able to express his emotions and therefore continue to live. Seeking to cope, Julien Sunyé becomes interested in different forms of trauma. He learns that the trauma of early childhood is deeply rooted in the subconscious and that he can define the present. He understands that one then becomes a prisoner of one’s past.

During the summer of 2016, the photographer decides to go to the battlefields of Verdun. He is struck by the idea that the past can lock up an individual but also an entire people. Soothed by the photographic work that he is doing in several countries in Europe on “sensitive or historical” sites, Julien Sunyé feels that he is in the right place to lead his reflection. Each new photographic session helps him overcome his depression a little more until he finally manages to recover in September 2018.

Website – https://www.juliensunye.com Instagram : @juliensunye et @blackholes_js / Facebook : juliensunyephotography

About Julien Sunyé: Self-taught photographer, Julien Sunyé uses photography since childhood as a collection of the best moments to share. From this idea is born an unflinching passion for photography that will never leave and will continue to grow. Franco-Dutch (French by his father and Dutch by his mother), he found his inspirations in the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Dutch painters, including landscape paintings of the 16th and 17th.

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Trajectories and Derivatives | Photographs by Julien Lefort

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Bir Hakeim prise par Julie Lefort
11 April – 12 April 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING Thursday 11 April at 6pm
HOURS : Thursday and Friday from 6 – 10pm

Trajectories and Derivatives | Photographs by Julien Lefort

Everyday life is a succession of choices influenced by our past, our desires, our physiological needs, our beliefs and our future.

Our free will is a mirage made of fictitious derivatives leading us on the inevitable trajectory. Through this sequence of photos I sought to regain freedom of conscience.

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Together in Pleasure and Lightness | Collective les Arts des Âmes

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23 – 24 March 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING on Saturday 23 March at 6pm
OPENING HOURS : Saturday 10am – 10pm, Sunday 10am – 8pm

Together in Pleasure and Lightness | Collective les Arts des Âmes

Evelyne Toromanian, Sophie Fievet, Gaëlle Lebras, Odile Peineau

To be oneself integrally … to express it as an offering to the world, by the words, the sounds, the unique coloration of our united beings … to create this link that brings us together, to each other, in the pleasure and the lightness, of be together. I am because we are. The individual and the collective form only one.

Maatïani, (Evelyne Toromanian), invites you to the exhibition Together in Pleasure and Lightness which will take place on March 23 – 24, 2019, with the participation and presence of Artists and Messengers Sophie Fievet, Gaelle Lebras, Odile Peineau and Maatani.

Join us to take a step together in pleasure and lightness.


Accompaniment of Artists who go on stage and dare the first step of exposure

Since 2018, after meeting many artists who were afraid to highlight their art and confront the returns of the public, Evelyne Toromanian initiated and created the collective Les Arts des Âmes. She has developed a mentoring for artists that allows them to clarify their message, to introduce themselves, to be in intimate contact with their art and connect with the public. Very practical and subtle questions are discussed such as how to set prices, how to communicate as an artist, how to handle criticism, what other channels to sell his art other than exhibition spaces … all the while discovering a unique and singular way which sticks to the skin of the emerging artist. A first on stage or a first exhibition is prepared. There is a time when this is the right moment, where the artist is confident enough to dare to give birth, to give birth to his message and to transmit it, to assert himself in his posture as an artist.

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