Black and White portrait of Ravi Coltrane with saxophone by Philippe Bachelier Studio portrait taken on location for YFML Avocats photo Elise Prudhomme Captain Craig Clapperton in the Commanding Officer's quarters of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) surrounded by Theodore Roosevelt memorabilia and portrait. Photo session studio test portait lighting photo Elise Prudhomme Corporate portait on location for YFML Avocats photo Elise Prudhomme Portait of corporate CEO taken on location by Elise Prudhomme Corporate studio photo session for web promotion photo Elise Prudhomme Corporate studio portrait session for web and social media photo Elise Prudhomme Black and White Portrait of Jean Pouillon by Philippe Bachelier Founding owner of Bagel's Family on location in his shop photo Elise Prudhomme Photo essay for DLP corporate event photo Elise Prudhomme Photo essay and pop-up studio for DLP corporate event photo Elise Prudhomme


Whether you are a craftsman, an individual entrepreneur or a large company, we make portraits and photo essays that represent the essence of your business, for the web as for printed documents. Working in color as well as in black and white, our shooting sessions can be organized in our studio, in the heart of Paris, or on your site.

The price of an individual portrait session in our Paris studio starts at 320 € TTC (290 € HT). We conduct photo sessions at your site starting at 750 € TTC (682 € HT) the half-day or 1 500 € TTC (1 364 € HT) the day. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your projects and get a personalized quote.